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Shiitake Mushroom Emerging Food-preneur and an unexplored source of mycoceuticals

Shiitake’ — I am healthy, nutritious, and costly a little bit however, I could help you economically also. Let’s explore myself by knowing more.

M Beura, S Chakraborty, S Sharma, A Dahuja, A Singh & V Krishnan
Nano-respirocytes: A futuristic and cutting-edge tool for the medical science

The timely developments in nanotechnology have opened up numerous new opportunities for researchers to treat various illnesses. The next frontier in medical science research for multifunctional treatment tools is nano respirocytes.

Rahul Goyal
Beyond the Atom: Quantum Mechanics Reshaping Medicine

The intriguing phenomena and principles of quantum mechanics, such as superposition, entanglement, and tunnelling, have applications in diverse areas, including healthcare.

Anushka Srivatsan
Flowers as Dishes

Several flower dishes are prepared in various places, as these edible flowers are rich in many nutritional properties and are also used for medicinal purposes in some places.

Pawan Kr Mahour
A Piece of Moon

Explore the world of fiction by delving into the captivating story where humans have settled on the moon as the earth is not habitable due to human’s never ending greed and repeating the same on moon. But still, a hope left!

Monalisa Paul
Are they Stones?

The unique ability of Lithops to change leaf colouration demonstrates their adaptability and responsiveness to their surroundings, allowing them to maximise their chances of survival in their arid and challenging habitats.

Moumita Mazumdar

While Pain is a wider term which discomfort us in various form, let’s find out what Pain really is and how can it be treated!

Vikas Kumar Tiwari
Samiksha: Cancer analysis goes digital…

This digital tool is actively involved in cancer analysis in India based on data derived from the National Cancer Registry Programme (NCRP).

Science Media Communication Cell (SMCC), CSIR-NIScPR
The Weight Loss Drug Goldrush

The consequences of being overweight and obese, including heart disease and diabetes, are a huge drag. Therefore, medical giants are addressing the issue by introducing some drugs.

M. Saleemuddin
Survival of a Silent Monster is in Danger

Hello, myself Periodontitis, I am proud to tell you that I am the 6th most prevalent disease. However, I could be in danger now, would you like to know my sad story?

Pooja Jain & Zeenat Iqbal

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Unravelling Antimicrobial Resistance

How Superbugs Challenge Modern Medicine


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