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IIT Guwahati Scientists Develop Efficient Catalytic System for Biofuel and Lactic Acid Production

The "Efficient Catalysts" have the potential for selective production of Lactic Acid and Biofuel from industrial/biomass wastes glycerol and ethanol respectively

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Seasonal Common Cold Antibodies offer Mild Defence against SARS-Cov-2

According to researchers, antibodies against seasonal coronaviruses are not able to protect against severe COVID-19 infection.

How Safe is Your Tea in a Paper Cup?

IIT Kharagpur research gives evidence of microplastic pollution in the hot liquid consumed from disposable paper cups.

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Several Classes of Neutralizing Antibodies Observed

Researchers have determined 3D shapes of eight neutralizing antibodies attached to SARS-CoV-2.

COVID-19 Transmission Rates are Not Affected by Seasonal Temperature Changes

The rate of COVID-19 transmission is unaffected by the arrival of spring or summer.

Viral Loads may be Used to Assess the Epidemic Peak in a City

Researchers have formulated a model to show that the viral loads in infected people and the rate of viral spread in the population have a correlation and these viral loads can be used to measure the spread rates.

A Promising Drug found Ineffective in Saving Lives

During severe COVID-19 infection, the human immune system instigates an excessive inflammatory response.

Solid Waste Management Policy

IIT Kharagpur study has led to the formulation of a set of environmental recommendations for solid waste management under the pandemic situation.

Search for a Standard for Representing the Level of Infectiousness in COVID-19 Patients

Scientists are searching for a number that can represent the level of severity in COVID-19 infected patients.

Severe illness could be the reason for immune breakdown

The researchers observed that more than 10% of the severely infected people with COVID-19 had autoantibodies that targeted the type-1 interferon activity.


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