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IIT Delhi Researchers Develop Device to Generate Electricity from Raindrops, Ocean Waves

IIT Delhi researchers have designed and fabricated a device that can generate electricity from water drops, raindrops, water streams, and even from ocean waves using “Triboelectric Effect” and “Electrostatic Induction”. 

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Reducing children’s exposure to malaria in their early years substantially cuts the risk of hospitalization

For the first time in more than two decades, a team from the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme and University of Oxford have quantified the risk of children suffering severe outcomes from malaria.

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Can Graphene Valleytrionics pave the Way to Household Quantum Computers?

Scientists find a way to use pristine graphene to encode and process quantum information, reshape the future of quantum computing.

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Emperor Dumbo — Rare Deep-sea Dwelling Creature

Dumbo octopuses are rare deep-sea living creatures named after the “flying elephant” — a character from a Walt Disney movie, because of its exceptionally large ears just like the fins of the Dumbo octopuses.

Sidra Kazmi
A Quest to Inspire Young Minds

"First dream. Then make your dream as big as you can." - Tawakkol Karman, Nobel Peace Prize Winner (2011)

Monika Jaggi
Cytokine Shower and Storm

The term ‘cytokine storm’ was used in a document discussing graft-versus-host disease in 1993. Cytokine storm is also known as hypercytokinemia.

Chunilal Bose: Doctor, Scientist & Science Communicator

He was a qualified doctor, excellent medicinal chemist, forensic scientist and pioneer in the public health awareness movement.

Indranil Sanyal
Development, Testing & Regulation of a Vaccine

Vaccines are biological materials designed to generate active immunity against a particular disease.

Meher Wan
Woolsthorpe Manor – A Place of Scientific Pilgrimage

Woolsthorpe Manor is an unassuming farmhouse and Newton’s childhood home, to which he returned for his early experiments showing that ordinary sunlight contains all the colours of the rainbow.

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