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Be Safe! Prevention is better than Cure

“Prevention is better than cure” has never been more true than the times we live in.

Reviewed by Sonali Nagar
Stripping CO2 of its Villainy

Carbon dioxide is an essential component in the flow of energy in the biosphere.It is an essential component of photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide thus is essential for life on the Earth

Madhusudan Joshi
Bridging the Gap: From Benchtop to Desktop

In fact, the entire world witnessed the potential of bioinformatic research when the COVID-19 vaccine was developed in a short period using viral sequence data. Thus, the field of biological sciences has been revolutionised with the use of sequence data.

Jaspreet Kaur & Parminder Singh
In Conversation with Nobel Laureate Randy Schekman

“The opportunities in science are endless and young people fascinated by the natural world should be encouraged and not discouraged by what may seem to be restricted career paths,” says Randy Schekman.

Biju Dharmapalan
Substance and Shadow of COP 27

We need to walk away from hydrocarbon-based resources that have hijacked humanity and look for breakthrough solutions.

Shahzada Ahmad
Front of Pack Nutrition Labeling (FOPNL) Promoting healthy food choices among Indians

As per the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), it is a form of supplementary nutrition information that presents simplified nutrition information on the front-of-pack of pre-packaged foods.

Pooja BalajiSingnale and Hrusikesh Panda
The Exercise Enigma

The benefits of physical activity on human health are readily observable and it is not surprising that these were recognised very early and independently among civilisations in various continents of the world.

M. Saleemuddin
Know Your Body

Test Your Knowledge on "Know Your Body"

Saroj Kumar Pujhari
Delivering Human Rights for Nature

A recent judgment by the Madras High Court is the latest among the series of actions in the Rights of Nature Movement that have come up in the forms of several effective laws and court rulings in many countries including India, aiming at giving the ecosystems, animals and elements of the natural world legal rights similar to those of humans, corporations and trusts.

Ramesh Chandra Parida & Pranab Kumar Ghosh
Himalayan Blunders make for Himalayan Tragedies

The Himalayan region, especially the Joshimath area, is prone to tectonic activity; it lies in Zone 5 – comprising the most seismically active area.

Hasan Jawaid Khan

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