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IIT Gandhinagar Researchers Invent a Cardiac-sensitive AI-enabled Virtual Reality-based treadmill Exercise Platform Preventing Risk of Over-exercising

This innovation offers an adaptive, progressive and immersive exercise experience, which can lead to improved cardiac endurance, dynamic balance, and walking pattern, thereby preventing risk of over-exercising.

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Nobel Prizes 2021: Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine

Three Laureates share this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics for contributing to our understanding of two of the most complex phenomena in Nature.

K. Smiles Mascarenhas, Ramesh Chandra Parida, Himansu Sekhar Fatesingh & Biju Dharmapalan
CSIR — 80 YEARS OF IMPACT: Low Cost and Hazard Resistant Houses for the Nation

In early May 2019, cyclone Fani ravaged the coast of Odisha.

James Webb Space Telescope: The Largest Eye in the Sky

The James Webb Space Telescope to be launched in December 2021, is the biggest & most expensive space telescope ever built by humans and is going to become a successor to the most successful space telescope – the ‘Hubble Space Telescope’.

Saket Singh Kaurav
Tackling a Pandemic of Biomedical Waste

The COVID-19 treating hospitals, quarantine centres, healthcare facilities and self/home quarantine are still producing a huge amount of bio-medical waste that must be treated carefully and responsibly.

Meher Wan
What is the risk associated with the new variant of SARS-Cov-2, the Omicron?

The Omicron variant of SARS-Cov-2 was recently reported. What distinguishes it from other variants? 

Yusuf Akhter
Indian Space Association: Targeting the Next Frontier for India’s Space Programme

The Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi recently heralded the next major transition for India’s space programme when he launched the Indian Space Association (ISpA) – a premier industry association of space and satellite companies.

Hasan Jawaid Khan
Blood-based Biomarkers for Brain Tumours

Study suggests that we can potentially use two blood-based biomarkers present on immune cells to identify patients who might not perform well with particular treatment strategies.

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Researchers Develop New Compound to Treat Autism

The developed compound has demonstrated a potential to restore neuronal function, learning and memory, and reduce epileptic seizures in a mouse model.

Air Pollution Decrease in India during COVID-19 Lockdown not as High as Originally Thought

York University researchers find meteorology played an important and unaccounted role

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Largest Eye in the Sky
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