Chunilal Bose: Doctor, Scientist & Science Communicator

He was a qualified doctor, excellent medicinal chemist, forensic scientist and pioneer in the public health awareness movement.

Indranil Sanyal
Woolsthorpe Manor – A Place of Scientific Pilgrimage

Woolsthorpe Manor is an unassuming farmhouse and Newton’s childhood home, to which he returned for his early experiments showing that ordinary sunlight contains all the colours of the rainbow.

M.S. Haque
Atal Tinkering Lab: Nurturing Young Minds Through CSIR-JIGYASA

When Learning is purposeful, creativity blossoms
When creativity blossoms, thinking emanates
When thinking emanates, knowledge is fully lit
When knowledge is lit, economy flourishes

APJ Abdul Kalam

N.K. Prasanna & Devi Prasad Bhukaya
Elusive Waterdogs

With their elusive nature, soft coats and silent, silky movements, otters are iconic animals of India.

Kannan Vaithianathan

Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
India’s S&T Partner Since Independence

Quest for the Largest Dinosaur

When the first dinosaur species were introduced among the scientific community during the early 19th century people were amazed by the great size of the dinosaurs and these prehistoric creatures soon became part of popular culture.

Saurabh Pal
Quantum Internet

Quantum internet will revolutionise communication by making any communication over a network absolutely secure.

Govind Bhattacharjee
Women Scientists Shining in Olympic Games

The Tokyo Olympic Games bought out many inspiring stories including the gold medal earned by a women scientist.

Jyoti Sharma & Sanjeev Kumar Varshney
DBT: Building a Strong Biotechnology Research & Translation Ecosystem

Emphasis has been laid on technology-oriented research to improve the lives of millions.

Renu Swarup & A. Vamsi Krishna
“Angell rushes in where fools fear to tread”

Charles Austen Angell was a renowned Australian and American physical chemist, the most versatile of his generation.

Anushka Biswas