The Drug That Started A World War

Despite extensive information to back it up, the Pervitin saga and its monumental role in both starting and deciding the fate of the World War remain largely obscure.

Prithwish Sannigrahi
Understanding Number System

Ever wondered how our decimal system works? Or what is the significance of ‘place value’?

Nilabh Kumar
An Epidemic Called Laziness

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called upon people to be active, indicating that up to 5 million untimely deaths worldwide could be avoided annually if people run, walk or simply move regularly, which can prevent heart diseases, diabetes and cancer, while also reducing symptoms of depression as well as anxiety.

Ramesh Chandra Parida & Pranab Kumar Ghosh
Unusual Units

Every activity can be gauged based on the amount of risk involved. For a teenager, getting out of bed is 1 micromort, while for an octogenarian this activity increases his micromort to 463. A micromort measures the risk of chance of death! Here’s a look at some more unusual units.

Nimisha Vaidya
At'loss'phere…Is Mars Losing its Atmosphere?

According to recent research and studies, there is an air problem on Mars. Mars is losing its atmosphere; rather Mars has At’loss’phere.

Neha Tripathi
Profiling a Successful Neuro Scientist Dr Shubha Tole

Dr Shubha Tole is a scientist who has built a reputation as a neuroscientist and science communicator of renown, while at the same time being an affectionate mother.

N.K. Prasanna & S.K. Varshney
Indian Women Mathematicians – Breaking Stereotypes

Historically, from Emmy Noether to Katherine Johnson there are inspiring stories of women mathematicians. With due respect to all women mathematicians, let’s here take a look at the journey and work of some Indian women mathematicians.

Kumar Gandharv Mishra
Invasion of Fall Armyworm: Defending the Indefensible?

The lepidopteran insect S. frugiperda FAW, a native of tropical and subtropical regions of America and Argentina, has been labelled as one of the worst invasive species of this century.

S. Sandilyan
Apiculture: The Sweet Trail to Prosperity

Honeybees play an important role in plant pollination.

D.K. Srivastava & V.S. Ramamurthy
White-breasted Waterhen

THE White-breasted waterhen (Amaurornis phoenicurus), known as ‘Dahuk’ or ‘Dak Pakhi’ in West Bengal, has been hunted indiscriminately for its tasteful meat. They are caught alive in large numbers by putting traps. 

Asim Mitra