Cover Story
"Touching" Technology

For a year now, the COVID pandemic has discouraged human contact. Now it seems, the science of touch is poised to make a comeback in multiple arenas – and India-born scientists are leading global efforts poised to make tactile technology the new frontier in communication.

Anand Parthasarathy
Disaster in Uttarakhand: A Warning and a Wake-up Call

Even as the state was still coming out of the misery and mourning of the 2013 disaster, the most recent calamity forces us to ask the question: Were we really caught unawares? Or have we kept on ignoring nature’s warnings time and again?

Monika Koul & Gaurav Kumar
Reading Mind No Longer Science Fiction

Dr Joseph Makin and colleagues from the University of California, San Francisco, reported in Nature that they had actually translated the thoughts active in the brains of four women into real words, bringing mind-reading a step closer to reality.

Govind Bhattacharjee
S&T Breakthroughs — Year 2020 at a Glan

Even though it seemed as if the focus of the entire scientific community round the globe had shifted towards the fight against the deadly virus, innumerable scientific & technological breakthroughs were notched up by the global scientific community.

Sonali Nagar
Transforming India’s STI Ecosystem

It is expected that the proposals and initiatives envisaged in the new science, technology and innovation policy would measure up to being game-changers for the STI ecosystem in the country fueling the country’s march to a self-reliant S&T landscape that is also globally relevant.

Hasan Jawaid Khan

Nobel Prizes 2020 in Physics, Physiology & Medicine and Chemistry.

Smiles Mascarenhas, Biju Dharmapalan, M.S.S. Murthy
Failed Inventions

Behind most successful inventions are a series of failures. Failures teach important lessons in life not only to the inventor but also to all of us.

Tanmoy Deb
CSIR Celebrates 79th Foundation Day, Interview with Dr Shekhar C. Mande, DG-CSIR

"CSIR will continue to strive as the organisation that brings value to the society through S&T," Dr Shekhar C. Mande, DG-CSIR.

‘Cosmos’ Season 3 Rekindles Interest in Science in the Midst of a Pandemic

As a tool for science communication, the Cosmos series remains exceptional given that the programme broke down the barrier between scientists and the public.

Shubhobroto Ghosh
Turning Point for Telemedicine

Triggered by the challenge of the Covid-19 lockdown and spurred by two timely enabling provisions of the government, telemedicine has taken off in India – and may permanently impact how healthcare is delivered.

Anand Parthasarathy