Effects of COVID-19 on Sensory Perception, Appetite and Food Eating Behaviour

Sidra Kazmi


Over the past more than a year, studies have shown that one of the major effects of COVID-19 is a toll on the sensory perception, appetite and food eating behaviour people afflicted with the disease – caused due to their inability to sense, smell and taste food. Sensory satisfaction involves the perception of sensory properties while consuming food – how it fulfils the expectations from a meal leading to a feeling of post-meal satisfaction. Even though the loss of taste and smell are not closely related to health, these do have a close association with a pleasing mouthfeel, memory recall (smell/taste) and eating fulfilment.

Sensory perception of food is regarded as the stimuli that a person experiences, processes and understands through the five senses. Sensory perception of food includes odour, taste, flavour, texture, appearance, etc...read more