Emperor Dumbo — Rare Deep-sea Dwelling Creature

Sidra Kazmi


A few years back, the discovery of a 30 cm long dumbo octopus from depths of more than 4,000 m in the North Pacific Ocean made a sensation in the media. Marine biologists from the Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, University of Bonn, Germany, have now described this rare special creature and named it “Emperor Dumbo” (Grimpoteuthis imperator) since it was discovered in the northern part of the Emperor Seamounts, an undersea mountain ridge in the Northwest Pacific Ocean. The description of this octopus using a non-destructive method of high-field MRI instead of a scalpel has been published in BMC Biology.

Dumbo octopuses are rare deep-sea living creatures named after the “flying elephant” — a character from a Walt Disney movie, because of its exceptionally large ears just like the fins of the Dumbo octopuses. However, Emperor Dumbo is significantly different from the known dumbo octopuses...read more