“Angell rushes in where fools fear to tread”

Anushka Biswas


Charles Austen Angell (1933-2021) (Courtesy: Mary Zhu)


Charles Austen Angell was a renowned Australian and American physical chemist, the most versatile of his generation. With his Midas touch, he transformed our understanding of some of the most ubiquitous substances into something exotic.

He was a visionary explorer of glasses and the limits of the liquid state – the forms of matter that challenge researchers to date – and also dabbled in other, starkly disparate realms of science. His pioneering experimental discoveries helped shape the ways chemists, physicists and engineers employ to probe these materials, both for fundamental research purposes and in modern applications such as battery technology.

The internationally-acclaimed luminary in the fields of glasses and various types of liquids (including the most abundant, water), died on 12 March 2021, aged 87, at Phoenix, Arizona, after battling with cancer for the past 17 years...read more