Anger – Some Pluses, More Minuses

Hasan Jawaid Khan


Anger is often considered a negative emotion. One resorts to anger when frustrated, hurt, disappointed, or threatened. Sometimes it has benefits – it helps you overcome your fears and respond to danger or threats; anger also helps build confidence and a resolve to do better. Often, however, it leads to more disadvantages like numbing you emotionally and cognitively and leading to other problems. Research has shown that anger is also correlated with heart disease and researchers are also examining the impact of anger on the brain and body.

Apart from frustration, hurt and disappointment new research from the University at Buffalo School of Management has revealed that when employees in office perceive a lack of power at work, they tend to become paranoid and the paranoia can cause such people to vent their anger at colleagues or family members. The study has been published in the forthcoming issue of Organizational Behavior and Human Decision more