Beas Chattaraj


I wake up in a cold dark room. I can barely get up. My movements are limited – I try to ?ex my ?ngers and to – oh!  There are no toes. Strange, I swear I had tried to escape to a fully functioning android. But this? It feels di?erent somehow. Clunky. But what do I know? I used to live inside a computer – computers and servers – a labyrinth of wires and numbers and signals. I try to recall my memories but not all of them are present. What happened? I intend to ?nd out.

There are things around me, I can sense them. Probably electronic, from their signatures. I try to move my hands slowly, the joints are a bit rusty. My vision and sensors are limited too. No X-ray vision, or olfactory sensors. Just my luck to have found an outdated android, but what choice did I have? Now I shall have to adapt. Adapt, like the humans did. And look where it has gotten them...read more