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DCGI Approves anti-COVID Drug Developed by DRDO for Emergency Use

Higher proportion of patients treated with 2-DG showed RT-PCR negative conversion in COVID patients.

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Navigating the infodemic: top tips to identify misinformation or disinformation

Here are seven steps you can take to navigate this wave of information and decide who and what to trust.

Nutrient Needs of Older People

Elderly people need less calories and more fibres, vitamins and minerals. So there is a need to consume micronutrients dense and fibre rich foods.

Neha Tripathi
IIT Madras and U.K. Researchers Develop Paper-based Sensor to detect Antimicrobial Resistance triggering Pollutants

The novel strategy for low-cost fabrication of the robust Laser Printed-Microfluidic Paper-Based Analytical Sensors developed by IIT Madras will help to detect antimicrobials easily in the parts per million range.

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IIT Mandi researchers invent a new technique to detect abnormal brain characteristics associated with Ischemic stroke

The device can also help in identifying the progress of diseases such as Parkinson’s and can predict the occurrence of these diseases even before the presentation of symptoms.

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IIT Bombay shows how to solve Oxygen shortage by converting Nitrogen Generator into Oxygen Generator

The demonstrated technology will aid in resolving the issue of Oxygen shortage across the country.

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IIT Madras Alumni startup Set-up India’s First 3D-Printed House

The 3D-Printed House was built by IIT Madras Alumni startup company in just 5 days.

IIT Madras Researchers study the high transmission potential of Coronavirus

Researchers found that the interaction area between spike protein and ACE2, surrounding hydrophobicity and interaction energy play a key role in deciding the severity and transmission potential of coronaviruses.

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Development of Cost-Effective & Efficient Technology for Recycling Aluminium Scraps

The developed technology can be used in tiny & cottage Industries, Small Scale Industries and MSME Aluminium foundries and recycling industries.

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The terms ‘Double/Triple Mutants’ used for the different SARS-CoV-2 variants are misleading

A while ago, a new variant that was colloquially although incorrectly dubbed the “double mutant” was reported to be present in concerning frequencies in Maharashtra and other states.

Divya Tej Sowpati

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