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Stromatolites — Earliest known lifeforms on Earth

Stromatolites play a significant role in the evolution of life on earth as they contribute to the production of 20% of the oxygen content present in the earth's atmosphere.

Sidra Kazmi
Novel Technique could help Detect Tropical Cyclones for Bay of Bengal Basin earlier than Satellites

A novel method using Eddy detection technique to investigate the formative stages and advance detection time of tropical cyclogenesis in the North Indian Ocean region.

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Demystifying COVID-19

The book “COVID-19: Separating Facts from Fiction” by Dr Anirban Mahapatra is one such attempt to comprehensively explain what COVID-19 is all about.

Meher Wan
The Girl and The Glowing Tree

The urge to visit that enigmatic forest grew inside Maudie day after day. It was very famous in the city, but she did not know the mystery behind it.

Monalisa Paul
DBT-ILS establishes Animal Challenge Study Platform

The proteomic studies carried out at ILS shows the similarities between SARS-CoV-2 infection in humans and hamsters.

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A New Study Will Help Accurate Estimation of Black Carbon Over the Himalaya, A Key Contributor to Global Warming & Improve Weather & Climate Predictions

These higher resolutions multi-wavelength and long-term observations used in calculating MAC will help improve the performance of numerical weather prediction and climate models in estimating the warming effects caused by BC emissions.

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Checking Riverside Erosion Naturally

By scientific land management, bank erosion can be controlled to some extent. Riverbank vegetation has a very important role in preventing riverbank erosion and thus controlling floods.

A.K. Mondal, S. Mondal Parui & S. Tripathi
Diatoms – DrowningIndicators

Diatom test is the gold standard method and ideally determines the drowning based on the presence of diatom in the vital body organs i.e. lungs, bone marrow, kidney and brain.

Arun D. Ghuge & Megha Sapkota
Can India Establish a Circular Bio-economy by 2050?

A sustainable bioeconomy is only feasible if, and only if, all three pillars of sustainability – economic, environmental and social – are accounted for from the very beginning and if synergies between these pillars can be achieved.

G. Venkatesh
Microalgae-based Biofuels: Potential & Challenges

Third-generation biofuel, or microalgae-based biofuel, has the potential to overcome the issues inherent in the first and second generations.

Thilini U. Ariyadasa

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Greening the Matheran Foothills

A Cooperative Venture to Restore Forests

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